Saturday, January 7, 2017

A note on my PowerPoint presentation style

This is the sort of slide I use in teaching:

As it says, I prefer slides with few words -- I want the students to listen to me and think about what I am saying rather than reading the words on a slide.

I include images to aid their memory of the main point being made and to hopefully engage them with a bit of a puzzle -- figuring out how the image ties to what I am saying.

I include links to source material and written annotation and tell the students that they are responsible for that material and encourage them to study the presentation and its links before coming to class. (Few do :-).

The "stop sign" questions are also meant to engage the students -- whether they read the slides before or after class or during my presentation in class.

I stole all of this from Steve Jobs and you can see a presentation on my presentation style here.

(I'm also a fan of self-referencing material).

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